mardi, juillet 29, 2014

Amazon AWS grows slowly : not (yet) appropriate for mission-critical applications

In his post on NYT blogs, Quentin Hardy reports about slow growth of Amazon AWS IaaS services (S3, EC2, etc.) : "only" +37%  (1.2 billion $ revenues for the quarter)  when compared to a year ago. It was far above 50% in the past !

Of course, you can't grow forever at this huge speed but something else is happening.
I would agree with the statement by Chris Gaun in this post saying the public cloud is not ready for the enterprise (or vice-versa).

The "impedance mismatch" between public cloud offerings (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud) and corporation requirements is big : SLAs are not stringent enough, security is not guaranteed, etc. on the cloud providers side. On the corporation side, it is hard to express the right needs in terms of standardized cloud services when it comes to move an internal application (usually made of various satellite subsystems) usually setup over many years.

That is cleary why many corporations prefer to learn and test the waters with a private cloud behind their firewall : I already reported why and how CIOs prefer to see their mission-critical applications (usually running on mainframes) migrated to an internal CloudStack or OpenStack system for the Java and web UI that we generate at Eranea to replace their Cobol and 3270.

It is the safest path to learn and experience daily cloud computing at large scale for core business applications. At the same time, they get ready for a much simpler move to AWS, Azure & co : moving already virtualized instances from a private cloud to a shared infrastructure is much simpler than the direct jump from a mainframe to a public cloud.

So, CIOs lose no time by doing the intermediate step of private cloud : they just prepare for the future (=hybrid cloud) by implementing the leading edge for mission-critical application (= private cloud)

Source: blog Media and Tech (par didier durand)

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