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I.T.GRAPES (Tunisia) becomes partner of Eranea (Switzerland) to modernize large mission-critical IT systems in Africa and Middle East.

I.T.GRAPES (Tunisia) becomes partner of Eranea (Switzerland) to modernize large mission-critical IT systems in Africa and Middle East.
Tunis and Lausanne (January, 9th 2013) At hotel Novotel Tunis, in the Tunisian capital, took place the event for the signature of the partnership between I.T.GRAPES and Eranea. It deals with the distribution of Eranea's technology by I.T.GRAPES and collaboration for projects around it. This event was honored by the presence of Mrs Siri Walt, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Switzerland, Tunis, as well as the presence of many leaders of public organizations and private companies.

This partnership, exclusive for some parts of Africa and Middle East, will allow both companies to combine their efforts to modernize the largest IT systems and the mission-critical applications that they host (based on Cobol and other legacy languages) for clients in those countries. It will leverage the well-proven solution for smooth and 100% automated migrations toward Java, without any risk in the transition and without any stop of service and evolution for the related corporations and institutions.

Today, in the world, more than 220 billions lines of Cobol source code are still active. They are maintained by over 1.9 millions developers. According to public figures, 90% of financial transactions in the world are processed in Cobol and each of us, as a consumer, has, without even knowing it, more than 10 “interactions” per day with an application (phone call billing, credit card purchase, e-commerce, etc.) written in Cobol, programming language older than 50 years and clearly on the path to technological obsolescence.

“The unique migration solution delivered by Eranea offers to corporations the opportunity for a new start in the development / evolution of their IT Systems. It will take place in full continuity, without any radical and abrupt changes for the system in place and as well as without any shaking in procedures and methods for system and development teams in place. Our approach, also, will be collaborative : it will open the way to other partners and specialized providers to provide more technological alternatives to our customers.” said Taher Mestiri, general manager of I.T.GRAPES.

“Collaborating with a dynamic and well renown partner like I.T.Grapes is a real opportunity for Eranea to spread the use of its proven technology to the most prestigious organizations of Africa and Middle East. The alliance of the competences and key strengths of our two organizations will allow us to answer most efficiently to the very many expectations already expressed by companies on this market, deeply interested in the huge savings and massive modernization provided by our technology” said Didier Durand, president of Eranea.

Effects of this partnership are immediate: both partners already started the analysis of projects submitted by organizations interested in the very short term by a rapid transition toward x86 architecture, Linux and Java.

About I.T.GRAPES :
Tunisian company specialized in IT engineering, with partners in France, Germany and now Switzerland, specialized in development of rich internet applications, offshoring (Java, C++/Qt) as well as in mobile and embedded development.
For more information : Taher Mestiri, +216 25 66 83 86,

About Eranea :
Swiss company active in technology development, specialized in Java eco-system and automated migration of mission-critical business applications running on large systems toward Java and web technologies. Its riskless migration technology has already been successfully applied to multiple projects in various industries : media, finance, retail, administration, software publishing, etc.
For more information : Didier Durand, +41 79 944 37 10,

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