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With Cobol2Cloud, Eranea becomes partner of CloudBees to evolve Cobol applications for Cloud Computing

Lausanne, november 20th, .2012 - Eranea announces today its entrance the eco-system of CloudBees (Los Altos, USA) as « Verified Partner » with Cobol2Cloud. This solution allows the automated migration of business applications written in Cobol to Java, making them ready for Cloud Computing.

CloudBees is the undisputed leader of Java infrastructures delivered through “Platform as a Service” (PaaS). Her vision is to free developers from management and operations of those infrastructures and to allow them to leverage all benefits from Cloud Computing. The PaaS services by CloudBees allow the developers to remain exclusively focused on the functional improvements of their software assets.

The solution Cobol2Cloud by Eranea is an extension her technology toward Cloud Computing. This technology has already been deeply validated on large migration projects running on the private infrastructures of her customers. Those projects span a wide range of industries : finance, media, administration, software publishing, etc.

Active Cobol applications still represent huge investments : public figures say that 200+ billions of lines of Cobol source code are productive in the world. 2 millions programmers add 5 new billions each year. Consequently, we are all, as consumers, « in touch » over 10 times a day with a Cobol application (phone call billing, credit card purchase, e-commerce and e-services, etc.)

The combination of technologies of the two partners, Eranea and CloudBees, brings forward those very large software assets : legacy Cobol applications can be « mutated » via automated transcoding toward Java + html/ajax and Cloud Computing in a very efficient manner. Then, they can run optimally on the infrastructures RUN@cloud by CloudBees (application servers : Tomcat, JBoss, etc.) The generated Java source code becomes, after the migration, the new source code base of the transformed application. It is maintained with state-of-the development tools and can easily leverage all benefits of Java / JEE.

«Eranea makes Cobol applications Cobol compatible with cloud computing in a native and standard manner. CloudBees provides corporations with optimized tools and services to develop, test and operate enterprise applications in total respect of current standards : Java for the development and Amazon Web Services for the infrastructure. Since we got in touch with Eranea, it became obvious, that CloudBees is the optimal test and operations cloud platform for the applications transformed by Cobol2Cloud» says François Dechery, VP International Business Development of CloudBees.

The Paas services by CloudBees delivers to those migrated applications all the benefits of Cloud Computing : maximal flexibility, smooth growth and, last but not least, optimal costs. In traditional projects on private infrastructures, savings brought by this modernization exceed very often 80 % of the TCO of the original system !

«The combination of technologies by CloudBees and Eranea represents an optimal package to enterprises willing to enter Cloud Computing while protecting their huge past investments in homemade applications reflecting their distinctive know-how and competences » says Didier Durand, co-founder of Eranea.

This partnership between Eranea and CloudBees generates a huge potential of savings and further investments in modernization of legacy Cobol applications. This technological shift will most probably extend the life of those applications for a couple of decades, to be added to those they've already run through !

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