mardi, juin 12, 2012

Eranea: new brochure for solution to convert legacy Cobol applications to Java and Linux

Eranea just made its last presentation brochure available in a brand new design. It presents our technology to migrate large mission-critical legacy (Cobol) application to Linux and Java.

[Also available for download at]

In this updated version, we want to emphasize the user and business standpoint of our migration projects:
  • no disturbance for business: new system is smoothly built in parallel with the running one.
  • users can be migrated from old system to new one at the rythm fully chosen by the customer: people can switch from their old 3270 screen to the new UI on a browser whenever they are ready and one by one.
  • No training is needed as the screens are fully identical: field positions, keystrokes and inter-screen chaining
  • functional level identical on both old and new systems thanks to Eranea's exact iso-functionality and 100% automation. The Java version is generated each night using the very version of Cobol source code to obtain 2 systems at exact same functional level.
Of course, the main driver is detailed and explained: huge savings (up to 90% in some favorable cases !).

Finally, we show how the development team adhere to the project: the Cobol to Java conversion is done in such a way that developers understand the structure of the new Java code very quickly is it looks as much as possible like the old Cobol code. The level of effort to adapt is minimized in order to keep productivity stable if not improve it !

On this last point, get in touch with us to obtain samples of converted code:

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